Saturday, October 12, 2013

1948 Oldsmobile Series '70' Dynamic Cruiser 4-Door Sedan

" 'Dynamic' is more than just another name as applied to these new Oldsmobiles for 1948. It's a action word that's particularly suited to the 'personality' of these action-styled, action-engineered cars. The very smoothness of their flowing lines suggests motion  . . .  driving  . . .  travel  . . .  excitement. Sparkling new colors, inside and out, heighten this effect and give an added impression of dynamic smartness — smartness that stays in style as other fashions change."

Attentive readers will notice the different tone of corporate advertisement in the same year: while Chrysler brands and Chevrolet, old-fashioned, highlight value and values, Oldsmobile's copywriters heavily promote styling as the prime reason for buying an Olds. It was a pretty new approach in advertisement, but just a few years later, all car companies would follow suit. In 1948, however, only the top-notch "Futuramic-98" series was completely redesigned and based on GMs all-new C-body, while the Oldsmobile Series "70", pictured here, was still based on a prewar design. It should still take one more year, before the whole Oldsmobile lineup really lived up to the advertisement promise.

This Oldsmobile Series "70" Sedan has lost two bars of its front grille and some trim parts, but with its full volumes and the rounded "Aero"-silhouette, there is still a lot of "classic" GM style to it.

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