Friday, October 16, 2009

1949 Buick Roadmaster Sedanet

"The Roadmaster Sedanet, Model 76-S – Here's the gracious, racy look of a Coupe, combined with the spacious roomy interior of a Sedan. A steady goer with its two-tons-plus, ideal for a family of youngsters with its two doors."

The quote from Buick's 1949 sales brochure sounds almost prophetic when you look at this Roadmaster 60 years later. Young people in Cuba like to tune their cars, just like in other countries. And here, too, taste is often the missing element. This mighty Roadmaster Sedanet once crowned Buick's lineup. Now it is embellished with tribals and racing stripes, and even the front bumper of an Hyundai Accent. What a humiliation...

Buick and Cadillac introduced their first Fastback Coupes in the early 40s, and for a while these cars were all the rage among customers. GMs other brands rushed out their Aerosedans too, trying to cope with the massive demand. But as quick as this bodystyle became popular, as quick it disappeared, when the first "hardtop sedans" came to the market in 1949. Unlike the elegant Aerosedans, which were just seen in GMs lineup, the hardtop-fashion was swiftly spreading across all major brands and proved to be en vogue for much longer.

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