Saturday, August 22, 2009

1946-48 Plymouth Special DeLuxe 4-door Sedan

"If it's VALUE you want it's PLYMOUTH you want."

"In all these years, my carro never received more than regular care, chico", told us the owner of this beautiful Plymouth from Zaza del Medio. The seƱor, already in it's high 80s, then added: "The secret is to drive it suave, and to keep it in the garage at night."

Similar to Chryslers and Dodges of that time, 1946-48 Plymouths were merely facelifted 1942 models. This was an usual practice for all car makers right after the war, because the market for new cars was so drained, that the dealers literally could sell anything if it just had wheels.

Although already aged in construction, the Plymouths were good and reliable cars. Sharing their chassis with the siblings from Dodge, the smooth and quiet ride was what many customers were looking for. Being Chrysler's budget offering, Plymouth could maintain a steady third place in the annual production statistics through 1954.

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