Wednesday, February 8, 2012

1958 Plymouth Belvedere 4-door Sedan

"Only from Plymouth: the Broadway Look at a Main Street Price."

The stunning Plymouth lineup for 1957 earned rave reviews, and rightfully so: like the new cars from all other Chrysler brands, the Plymouths now sported an extremely low, road-hugging design. Although being 2 inches shorter than their predecessors, they looked much longer, mainly due to the graceful horizontal body lines, and due to the switch to a space-saving torsion-bar front suspension. This new suspension also accounted for superior handling, and with their powerful engines, the new Plymouths were fast and eager cars for the time's standards. Compared to this second generation of "Forward Look" cars, the competition suddenly looked quite chubby.

The new Plymouths for 1958, pictured here, were merely an minor update, now sporting four headlights and a restyled front grille. Even Plymouth's advertisers had perhaps difficulties to sell these updates as innovations. You can sense it in the sales catalog, which merely focused on "exciting new exterior colours", "a wide range of striking new fabrics", or tailfins, now called "Directional Stabilizers", as novelties.

Here's some more advertisement poetry for your enjoyment: "There's more than getting 'more for your money' in owning a Plymouth. Add to the dollars you save the proud knowledge that one of the world's greatest cars is yours. Don't settle for less. No matter what your budget is, there's a Plymouth to fit ... as your Plymouth dealer will gladly prove to you ... today!"

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