Monday, November 16, 2009

1957 Plymouth Belvedere 4-door Sedan

"In one flaming moment, Plymouth leaps three full years ahead — the only car that dares to break the time barrier! Plymouth's traditionally great engineering brings you tremendous power for safety with the fabulous new Fury '301' V-8 engine . . . revolutionary new Torsion-Aire ride . . . exhilarating sports car handling . . . new super-safe Total Contact Brakes . . . dramatic Flight-Sweep Styling. The car you might have expected in 1960 is at your dealer's now!"

A thunderstorm is coming up in central Havana, and the taxistas are quite busy, because everybody tries to reach home before the rain. The lucky ones who catched this Plymouth Belvedere can even ride in comfort and style.

"Suddenly, it's 1960!" The advertisers, always in search of catchy slogans, found proper words to describe the new Plymouth when it was launched in 1957. Virgil Exner, as Chrysler's chief designer also responsible for Plymouth, Dodge and De Soto, favored an extremely low silhouette for the three brands. The result were breathtaking automobiles like this Plymouth Belvedere and until the next decade, Chrysler clearly dominated the competition in terms of style. Technically, the new models were interesting too: a new torsion-bar suspension was the reason for a very low stance, and for a very smooth ride.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like it may be a Dodge Kingsway