Monday, January 26, 2009

1957 DeSoto Diplomat

This DeSoto Diplomat from Sancti Spiritus actually is a "Plodge". No clue what this means? We didn't have either, until we got it explained by an cuban(!) DeSoto Expert: the Chrysler Corporation used to rebadge and sell Plymouth cars for the canadian market, usually with a Dodge frontend. These cars were informally called "Plodges". More than this, our DeSoto here is a real "threesome": the body of a Plymouth Belvedere was joined with a Dodge-based frontend and a DeSoto-specific bumper, and was sold in export-markets as the DeSoto Diplomat. We are stunned by the virtue of Chrysler's Design staff to create very different looking cars on the same, interchangeable platform.

As trends come and go, a last year's fashion in Cuba was the adornment of the headlights with tiny Che Guevaras. The coloured light didn't have quite the "Xenon"-effect of the stripe-taped headlamps, another automotive fashion here, but anyway it looked cool.

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