Monday, December 26, 2011

1957 Lincoln Premiere 2-door Hardtop

"There's just no end to the distinctive newness of this long, low, lovely Lincoln. First you see dramatic new beauty, from Quadra-Lite Grille to canted rear blades. Then, every mile you drive brings a new revelation of handling ease that's uniquely Lincoln's. The newness never ends, and that's why more and more fine car owners are changing to this finest Lincoln ever.

From the first moment you relax behind the wheel, you find how magnificently Lincoln's crisp, new styling fulfills itself – in action. No other fine car is so effortless to drive. The most complete array of power luxuries in any car brings a new, easy mastery to every driving situation. The new Turbo-Drive transmission puts this most powerful Lincoln of all time instantly and smoothly at your command  . . .  and Lincoln's exclusive new Hydro-Cushion suspension system relaxes you along your way as no other can. See all this exciting newness at your Lincoln dealer's – drive it where you will. Then and only then will you know why the trend among discerning fine car buyers is unmistakably to Lincoln."

Already the all-new 1956 Lincoln Premiere was a stunning car, but it sure was outshined by the facelift for 1957. Higher tailfins and a new "Quadra-Lite" front grille (now containing 7-inch headlamps atop smaller 5-inch "road"-lamps) brought the styling in tune with wild mid-50s fashion.

Notwithstanding the extravagant styling, this generation of Lincoln cars looked still quite tasteful. Among the eclectic mix of vehicles of different eras that populate cuban roads today, its clean, horizontal lines make the big Lincoln look truly impressive. Of course, the excessive size makes for good proportions, too: with an overall length of 224.6 inches (5705mm) the 1957 Lincoln Premiere 2-door Hardtop topped even the longest four-door 1957 Cadillac by a fifth of an inch. Well, at least on paper, because in reality, due to the contemporary production tolerances, these catalog measurements would barely be matched precisely.

Our pictured 2-door Hardtop Coupe with its elegant roofline was a popular choice among customers: 15.185 produced 2-door Hardtop Coupes accounted for almost half of the 35.223 Lincoln Premiere which were built in 1957.

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Dan Palatnik said...

No whitewalls or full chrome hubcaps, still a majestic ride. Thanks for showing!