Sunday, September 6, 2009

1957 Lincoln Premiere 4-door Sedan

"Like all fine cars, this Lincoln has a 'big car ride' - but its superlative comfort and handling qualities go far beyond even that. Lincoln is the only fine car that is actually easier to handle than smaller cars - and as easy to park. With an exclusive suspension system combined with advanced design power steering, Lincoln responds to your touch as easy as wishing."

When Lincoln, Ford's luxury division, introduced the new lineup for 1956, alongside followed a new name for it's premium series: Premiere. The Capri nameplate, until then sign for the top-notch Lincoln, was degraded to catch "mid-line" customers with its glamorous name.

The Premiere offered all amenities that could be bought in a car at that time, and with the facelift for 1957, the design became even more flamboyant. Quad headlights and endless tailfins sure showed road presence. Arguably, these cars are not matching our idea of "beautiful" today, but in the 50s, they were perceived as ultra-modern.

With a little luck, you still can find some Lincolns in Cuba. All of them are the top-level Premiere. Obviously, spending a little extra money on an already scandalously expensive car didn't make a difference for some Cubanos in that time.

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Anonymous said...

At one time it would've been quite a sight, that one, unfortunately, seems far removed from those days.