Saturday, July 11, 2009

1956 Lincoln Premiere Convertible

"Never before a Lincoln so long . . . and so longed-for!"

We captured this mighty Lincoln Premiere in the streets of Miramar, the Miami-esque part of Havana. According to the owner, who got in posession of this rare car a week earlier, and plans to restore it, regardless of it's -for cuban conditions- rather good looks, this Lincoln Premiere was once bought and owned by a member of the Batista-family. We cannot confirm it, but in Cuba a luxury car like this for sure has a story to tell...

"A single glance tells you -unmistakably- Lincoln for 1956 has a new, pure beauty of fine car design. This longest, lowest, roomiest Lincoln of all time is truly sculpture in steel . . . fashioned as a harmonious unit rather than a mere assembly of parts.", said the advertisement. Introduced in 1956 and sold parallel to the Continental Mark II (which wasn't branded as a Lincoln), the Premiere was Lincoln's flagship, equipped with amenities like power windows, power seats, power steering, power brakes and even a power antenna. The styling was very elegant, due to clean lines, and stretched proportions, especially of the convertible. Experts and customers both honored the new design with the "Excellence in Automotive Design Award" and a massive demand. And at half the price of the Continental Mark II, the number of sold cars was considerably higher although still far away from the big rival Cadillac.

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