Thursday, August 25, 2011

1950 Buick Super 4-door Tourback Sedan

"YOU — traveling in the eye-stopping style of Buick's bold-patterned front end and Buick's unmistakable tapering fenders. YOU — bossing the soft-voiced might of engines that are not merely valve-in-head, not merely high-compression, but high-compression, valve-in-head and Fireball to boot! YOU – reveling in the gentle comfort of Buick's pillowy ride — knowing the good solid feel of Buick's stout and steady structure — enjoying feather-light Buick handling, even to the liquid-silk smoothness of Dynaflow Drive* if you elect. In short, YOU traveling in the Buick manner, in the car which is already the firm-fixed fashion of the times. Your Buick dealer is the man who can dress your 1950 travels in all this beauty, room, comfort and agility. He is the one man who can give you high Buick fashion — and solid Buick value. By all means, see him. You'll need to look no further to find your top-choice car for 1950 — at a price your budget can cover."

This Buick Super Tourback Sedan, model 51, from La Habana with it's sparkling "Bucktooth" grille is a perfect example for the flamboyance of car styling in the 50s, and for the "anything is possible" spirit of that era. America was well recovering from the wartime austerity and consumerism was de rigeur. The styling of the new generation of american cars perfectly reflected and stimulated this general mindset at the same time. Buick, in particular, managed to suit the consumer's desires with a flamboyant, yet conservative styling and a bold, sculptured look of their cars.

Despite being more compact than their predecessors, the new Buicks were still large automobiles, and looked the part. Especially the front grille was "show-off" at its best. But being disliked by car insurance companies and Buick dealers alike (who had to stock spare parts for every single of the nine individually replaceable bars) this complex design was short-lived, and already next year Buick returned to a simpler version that closely resembled the grille theme of the previous generation.

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Philemon said...

Muito legal o teu Blog. Parabéns!
Qual a câmera que usas, pra fazer fotos tão lindas?

Ralphee said...

Philemon, I don't use fancy equipment, as I found it better to travel "light" and have my compact camera ready in those "right" moments. Please have a look at the comments of this entry for further details.