Thursday, April 15, 2010

1951 Buick Super Convertible

"Want to start something? Just slip behind the wheel of this spacious Buick, put your foot down – and feel what happens. When that big and eager valve-in-head Fireball Engine swings into action – whistles from standstill to cruise in a handful of seconds – you'll find a brand-new zest in travel."

From 1950 through 1953, Buick produced marvelous automobiles of immense quality and durability, who should become true icons of their time. These cars were solid, big and comfortable. Buick's Super and Roadmaster models had received their first major postwar restyling in 1949, and with the new generation, introduced in 1950, Buick just refined this styling carefully.

The design was conservative as ever, but GM's new C-body with its extended wheelbase allowed for even more abundant proportions. For 1951, the controversially discussed front-grille design of the 1950 lineup was toned down, and again rather echoed the frontend of the 1948 models.

Our pictured 1951 Buick Super convertible, Model 48D, Fisher Style 4567X, still sports its original skin. Well, kind of, because all the "sweep-spear" and "bomb-sight" chrome trim is long gone, and all these dents in the sheetmetal sure tell of a 60 year long existence.

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