Saturday, May 1, 2010

1952 Oldsmobile Super 88 4-door Sedan

"Celebrated star among the 'Rocket' cars – the ever-popular Super '88' 4-Door Sedan! Standout styling in any setting! Matchless action on any road with Oldsmobile's mighty new 160 h.p. 'Rocket' Engine! Plus Oldsmobile's new Hydra-Matic Super Drive – revolutionary new General Motors Hydraulic Steering – and many more advanced features!"

This beautiful 1952 Super "88" 4-door Sedan, bodystyle 3669D, shows off all the fancy Jet-Age details that swiftly turned Oldsmobiles into fast, snazzy cars in the early 50s. With the introduction of the famous "Rocket" V-8 engine in 1949, Oldsmobile actually created a muscle car when nobody thought of muscle cars yet, and made the first move in the race for horsepower that should involve all Detroit by the mid-50s.

This generation of Oldsmobiles was built from 1950 through 1953 for a fairly long period of four years. Since 1951, all Oldsmobiles were "Rocket" V-8 powered, and while their styling remained virtually similar for 1952, a new "GM Hydraulic" power steering made the cars feel more light-footed. Super "88"s were characterized by the diagonal chrome trim running down the rear doors, which echoed the trim of the top-level "Ninety-Eight".

Strange enough for such powerful cars, the styling carried on being rather conservative and restrained throughout the decade, until it suddenly became extremely flamboyant in 1958.

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