Monday, October 19, 2009

1954 Oldsmobile 88 4-door Sedan

"There's never been a car like this new Oldsmobile for 1954! It's ultra-new from every point of view with a lower, longer, lovelier silhouette! A daring new slant to its curve-around panoramic windshield! A thrilling 'sports car' flair to its new sweep-cut doors and fenders! This is truly the car of the year-ahead –with a dramatic new flair everywhere– the 'In Advance' Oldsmobile for 1954!"

Oldsmobile's "new-for-1954" models arrived late: they were introduced on January 20, 1954. The advertisement tried to profit from this, and claimed that the 1955 design was introduced one year ahead as the 1954 lineup. We can't tell if this is a myth, but as a matter of fact the Oldsmobiles were quite advanced. While the typical Oldsmobile look of the previous generation was kept, a new wraparound windshield and a three-inch lower stance made the new Oldsmobile a looker. The famous "Rocket" V8-engine received it's first displacement increase since its introduction in 1949, and a longer wheelbase further improved the already class-leading ride. Oldsmobiles were hot rides, even as entry-level "88".

Cuba is perhaps the only country in the world, where vintage Detroit Iron is still being driven, instead of waiting pampered in climatized garages. We really enjoy to watch cars like this Oldsmobile 88, roaring along in full effect on cuban carreteras.

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