Saturday, August 1, 2009

1960 Chevrolet Bel Air 4-door sedan

"Nearest to perfection a low-priced car ever came! In '60, Chevrolet is elegantly new . . . with handsomely tapered lines in the style America likes best . . . with rich, spacious interiors. Chevy's Custom-Comfort ride, exclusive in its field, cushions you in sheer smothness and a "hushed silence". You're surrounded by famous Fisher Body construction - solid, sturdy."

After a decade of excentric styling excess, GM's design division, led by new chief Bill Mitchell, entered the next chapter of it's automotive design story. Clean lines and volumes replaced the flamboyant forms of the 50s. The 1960 Chevrolets arrived amidst this transition.

Although based on the 1959 generation, the 1960 Chevrolets looked much cleaner now. The "bat"-style tailfins had become smaller and now were horizontal, and while the roofline still remained the same, the car's lower body unmistakably expressed "new simplicity".

Unlike others, 1960 Chevrolets are not uncommon in Cuba, although the import of american cars had stopped shortly after the victory of Fidel Castro's revolution in January 1959.

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