Sunday, March 29, 2009

1960 Oldsmobile Super 88 Holiday Sedan

"There's so much to please you about Olds for '60! The most satisfying ride you ever tried . . . serenely smooth, incredibly silent. The sparkle of new color inside and out, radiantly fashioned for the Rocketing Sixties."

You can find a lot of solid metal in front of the "Museo de la RevoluciĆ³n" in Havana. Luckily, one vehicle isn't moving any longer, while the other still does it's daily duty.

"Olds is the car that rockets you out of the ordinary", said the advertising, and the new "Linear Look", introduced by GMs new Chief stylist Bill Mitchell with the 1959 model, clearly lead the way into the 60s. Olds-customers got a lot of automobile, and a smooth ride, too, because the car's weight was around two tons.

After Fidel Castro declared the victory of the revolution in January 1959, the import of american cars came to an end, but curiously enough didn't stop completely. Some cars still found their way to the island. The Oldsmobile 88 here is one of these "late arrivals"...

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