Monday, February 2, 2009

1957 Chevrolet Bel Air Sports Sedan

"Chevy's new and Chevy shows it – from its daring new grille and stylish lower bonnet to the saucy new slant of its High-Fashion rear fenders. It's longer and lower – and every inch a beauty!"

The '57 Chevy had everything you would expect from a 50s car: loads of chrome, tailfins, two-tone colour, and even the popular pillarless "hardtop". All this mixed together with style by Harley Earl's GM-design staff resulted in one of the most significant (and probably most beautiful) american cars of the 50s.

The final revision of the 1955-1957 lineup had visually not much in common with it's older siblings, but while a little longer and lower, it's basic construction was still the same, trusted "A-body" design. While the engines were still smaller than the Ford- or Plymouth competition, they were lighter too, and the combination with a comparably light bodyframe resulted in pretty good handling. If you ask one of Cuba's chofers today, what car he really would like to drive, the answer is almost always: "Cinquentisiete Chevrolet".

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Dan Palatnik said...

Chevrolet for 57 would be the larger body that came to be the 58. In its third year this became one of the most emblematic cars of the decade. Ford and Plymouth could be bigger but in the used car trade the Chevy was more value. I have fond memories of my uncle's White/Black 57 Bel Air Sport Sedan