Monday, September 8, 2008

1946-1948 Dodge Custom 4-door sedan

"There's a big thrill in Dodge extra-value features . . . and the biggest thrill is you get them all at no extra cost."

The Dodge Custom blends well into the timeless scenery in Jiquima, a small countryside village in central Cuba. At this place, the time seems to stand still. Certainly in the early 50s it looked the same here. Well, maybe the Dodge then would have sported a little bit more shine...

We can't determine the exact year of this Dodge Custom, as the model was produced for three years without any visible change: a thing that would become unthinkable just a few years later. But after the war, the customer's demand for new cars was so huge, that the dealers could literally sell anything if it just was new. Like most of the other companies, Dodge gave their prewar-cars a facelift, and sold it in big numbers until the new models arrived in 1949.

The Chrysler-based body was famous for its sturdiness, and although not exactly overpowered, it was a reliable and quiet ride. In today's Cuba, you still can see many of these Dodges, and Chryslers alike.

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