Thursday, April 23, 2009

1946-1948 Chrysler Windsor Deluxe 4-door Sedan

"It is the consensus of opinion that the 1946 Chrysler is the most beautiful car Chrysler has ever built. Chrysler owners - owners of other makes who are looking forward to owning a Chrysler - automobile editors and automobile dealers - the Public in general - all have been generous and unreserved in their praise of the Beautiful New Chrysler."

Although we've seen a lot of vintage cars in Cuba, some encounters left us simply stunned. This mighty Chrysler Windsor from Havana, for example, would crown every museum's collection. Instead, it is still used as a daily driver.

Like Detroit's other manufacturers, Chrysler commenced the postwar-era with revised versions of their prewar cars. Biggest news was a glitzy egg-crate grille. Like their siblings from Dodge or Plymouth, Chryslers were built without noticeable changes through to 1948. Detroit's styling obsession should only kick off, when the market started to become saturated in the early 50s.

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