Tuesday, February 10, 2009

1957 Ford Custom 300 Fordor Sedan

"Underneath all the beauty of this '57 Ford is hidden the most rugged construction job you're likely to find anywhere - the new Ford body. Welded, braced and bonded to form one incredibly tough unit, it's this sculptured-in-steel body that keeps your Ford looking youthful and glamorous."

The steep development in 50s car design didn't come at random, but was the result of a fierce competition of America's carmakers, foremost Ford and Chevrolet as the biggest producers. In 1957, both companies introduced significant new models. Ford's lineup, technically entirely new, came in an abundance of possible variations.

Long and low were the keywords to trigger the customer's interest, and a new frame construction in connection with smaller(!) wheels was the method of choice to let the Fords appear much lower than the 1955-56 models.

While the 1957 Chevrolet obviously became the beloved Classic, the Ford certainly was considered as more modern in its time, and thus outsold the Chevy.

In today's Cuba you see more 1957 Fords than Chevrolets, but ask a cuban chofer which car he prefers: mostly the answer will be an instant "Chevrolet".

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Dan Palatnik said...

Another (apparently)pristine example. I wonder how these rims are finding their way into the island.