Wednesday, September 10, 2008

1955 Ford Fairlane Town Sedan

"There's never been a four-door sedan more refined in appearance, more completely comfortable, and more thoroughly practical than the new Fairlane Town Sedan. And, as in all Fairlane models, you can choose any or all of Ford's fine-car power assists: power steering, power brakes, power windows and power seat."

1955 was a good year for Ford dealers: the just revamped lineup and the newly introduced Thunderbird drew customers in swarms into the showrooms. During this year, Ford and Chevrolet performed a tight head-to-head race, and both had attractive products to win-over the customer's hearts and wallets. Designer Frank Hershey had done an awesome job: the heavily face-lifted Ford, already in the fourth year of an unusually long five year lifecycle, appeared like a new car with its panoramic windscreen and the distinctive side-spears.

With 1.4 million sold cars, Ford had the best year in their history and would have won the race if ... if there wouldnt have been "The Hot One", the legendary 1955 Chevrolet...

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