Sunday, December 18, 2016

1959 Chevrolet Impala Sport Sedan

"It's shaped to the new American taste with a lean, clean silhouette, crisp new contours, beautifully restrained accents. It has a bright new sheen — a new kind of finish that keeps its luster without waxing for up to three years. In fact, Chevy's new right down to its tires!"

Even with plastic hubcaps and aftermarket mirrors this Chevrolet Impala from Cienfuegos is still a dandy looking car. "Impala", introduced in 1958 as a special option, replaced the "Bel Air" at the top end of Chevrolet's lineup in 1959, and introducing the unique "floating" hardtop roof with its technically demanding wraparound rear window was perhaps the smartest way to flaunt the news. Conservative buyers could still spec their Impala with a conventional roof, however.

Chevrolet shared this novel roof design with the other GM divisions, just as they all shared the front doors which originated from the 1959 Buick. Because GM's bean counters demanded cost saving measures, all 1959 GM models should feature the same, strangely dropping shoulder line right behind the A-post.

Chevrolet's copywriters weren't shy on superlatives to make the new models tempting for the customers: "The 1959 Chevrolet is more than new — it's your kind of car. Shaped to reward your new taste in style. Designed to anticipate your desire for greater roominess and comfort. Engineered to bring you greater safety, economy, ease of handling and smoothness of ride. Chevrolet's new Slimline design brings entirely new poise and proportion to automobile styling. Inside the new and roomier Body by Fisher you'll find truly tasteful elegance. And you'll see more through the big new Vista-Panoramic windshield that curves overhead."

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