Wednesday, August 3, 2011

1959 Cadillac Sedan De Ville

"The Sedan de Ville for 1959 is, as always, a celebrity even among Cadillacs."

We must admit, that we had to wait for years until we saw our first 1959 Cadillac in Cuba. THE Cadillac of all Cadillacs! The Elvis Caddy! And then this monster just passed by like an airplane on wheels, super-smooth and with the highest tailfins of them all. And parked in the "no parqueo" zone, right in front of us. The driver: a young exile-cubano from Florida on vacation, who took the well-preserved family jewel around for some show-off. And, of course, even in Cuba you gain a lot of attraction with that kind of car.

The guys in the picture below were waiting for more than one hour to give the americano his "multa" upon return. And effectively eliminated all chances for a good photo, because in Cuba it's forbidden to take pictures of any military object, including furious policemen. However, now you are famous...

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Caristas said...

Truly arresting photos, Ralphee! Without the side emblems, it's hard to know whether this Cadillac is the Series 62 Six-Window Sedan (actually a hardtop) or the even more luxurious Sedan de Ville. Either way, it's a magnificent sight, and worth incurring some grumpy looks from the authorities to photograph.