Monday, November 24, 2014

1960 Ford Galaxie Town Sedan

"Galaxie Town Sedan (above) offers a big bonus of built-for-people comfort to all six passengers with its four wide-opening doors. Note the thin center pillar that gives this model the open look of a hardtop. When low Ford prices buy this kind of Thunderbird elegance, why pay high prices?"

After a period of rather expressive styling in the latter 1950s, Ford retuned to a very clean and modern look with the all-new lineup for 1960. The top model Galaxie did look quite a bit "stiffer" than the cheaper Fairlane models, but its formal roofline and straight A-posts make the car actually appear very modern even today: this car might well have been designed a decade later. Chevrolets, in comparison, still carried over panoramic windshield and "dogleg" A-posts from the 1959 models, which made them look more dated.

Under their skin, however, the Fords offered merely solid technology. These cars weren't exceptional in anything, except their vast dimensions. At any rate, fullsize cars weren't en vogue anymore, since the „compact" car wave swept over the country. Accordingly, this year, Ford’s advertisement focused rather on the all-new Thunderbird lineup and the Falcon, Ford's brand-new „compact" car.

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