Thursday, May 23, 2013

1957 Ford Fairlane 500 Town Sedan

"Color strikes a glorious keynote in the '57 Ford. There are lively, daring, vital hues that reflect the flashing spirit of the car itself. There is color harmony inside and out matched to the spectrum of your own personal taste. Raven Black, Starmist Blue, Woodsmoke Gray, Flame Red, Inca Gold . . . the very tones themselves conjure up a magic mood."

The combination of an exotic color scheme and tropical sunlight make for a truly intriguing look of this Ford Fairlane from 1957. Although the silver/purple hue wasn't a factory option, Ford had some wild color schemes on offer in that year. A two-tone paint job was de rigeur for all but the most frugally optioned cars, and adding the golden, anodized aluminum trim of the Fairlane 500 as a third accent color, Ford could offer a multitude of possible color combinations. Ford's advertisers made the equation: "There are 13 new body colors available for '57 in Single Color or stunning, new Style Tone combinations."

This color choice orgy was quite symptomatic for the most daring new Ford since the turnaround 1949 models. In 1957, Ford "invaded" the market with no less than 20 models, running on two different wheelbases and with the choice between an inline Six-cylinder powerplant and five V-8 engines.

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