Saturday, February 8, 2014

1947 Ford Super DeLuxe Convertible

"100% dream-stuff come true is the '47 Ford Convertible! Touch a button and before you can say 'Ford's Out Front' (well, almost before you can say it) this snappiest of all roadsters changes into a snug sedan. It's Ford magic!"

The Saturday Evening Post from Indianapolis printed this ad in 1947. This is, we think, surprisingly modern slang. The car it promoted, however, was far from being that modern. "Fat Fendered Fords" of this time clearly didn't convince with cutting-edge styling or tech, but rather as solid, economic and affordable automobiles.

After the "war-break", Ford resumed the car production in summer 1945 with a lineup that was essentially similar to the 1941 models, sporting only cosmetical modifications at front. Ford even utilized leftover parts from the 1942 production run for these 1946 models. Nevertheless the Fords sold like hotcakes, because after a three-year austerity, America was crazy for new cars. Through the late 40s, almost anything on wheels sold very well, so it didn't matter if the Fords weren't the most beautiful cars on earth. In these days, yearly facelifts were still all but necessary.

Accordingly, the look of the Fords didn't change much between 1946 and 1948. There wasn't even a clear model year separation for 1947, which makes the cars of this year difficult to distinguish. Yet, owner Osvaldo knows the subtle differences: "My Ford descapotable was built in early 1947. Mid-year, there were some modifications. Most notably, the rectangular parking lights became round and moved underneath the headlights. These later 1947 models were then built and sold in identical form as the 1948 model year Ford."

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