Tuesday, June 1, 2010

1946 Ford Super DeLuxe Fordor Sedan

"Fresh, eager, youthful – the new 1946 Ford is the smartest Ford ever built. From bright, massive grille to colorful, two-tone interiors – it's every inch a beauty . . . Advanced in style – and in comfort, performance and economy, too. Here's a car with new multi-leaf springing for a smooth, level ride. A car with new hydraulic brakes – extra large and self-centering – for quick, smooth, quiet stops. And here 's a car with new stepped-up power – plus new over-all economy. Two great engines to choose from: the V-8, now increased from 90 to 100 horsepower – the 90 horsepower Six . . . See this smart new 1946 Ford at your dealer's now."

Neither did Henry Ford invent the automobile, nor did he invent mass production. His genius lies in the way, how he made the automobile available to a broad audience. By producing one single model and constantly refining it, Ford could offer matured cars at unbeatably low prices. Consequently, Fords were omnipresent on american roads for decades.

What was good in the earlier days of Ford became an increasing burden for the company after the 30s. Because Henry Ford was extremely resistant to changes on his automobiles, the company couldn't keep pace with the growing importance of styling and fashion, and although the cars were extremely reliable, the buying public moved on to other brands. Meanwhile, Henry Ford had increasingly become a tyrant in his own company, reluctant to any product innovation. Fords form 1932 through 1948 would have basically the same ingredients under their skin, and postwar Fords would even look almost identical to the models from 1941.

Although well-received upon their introduction, these "Fat Fendered Fords" sold increasingly slow, and Ford quickly started to loose money - up to $ 10 million each month! Even a wealthy company like Ford couldn't afford this forever. While Henry Ford was forced to step down and leave the throne to his grandson, Henry Ford II in 1945, designers and engineers were already hard-working on the 1949 Ford, the car that should save the company.

But until then, there were some years to bridge. "There's a Ford in your future!", promised the advertisement, when Ford started producing the 1946 models with leftover body-parts from 1942 models. These 1946 models were largely acclaimed as of impeccable quality and workmanship.

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