Monday, July 6, 2009

1948 Ford Super Deluxe Sedan Coupe

Weekly maintenance in the streets of Sancti Spiritus: this Ford Super Deluxe Sedan Coupe, Type 72-B, receives its regular care. Drum-brakes are being adjusted, the engine is being checked; usual stuff for an 60-year old car.

"Mira", the owner told us, "I own this carro since many years. The Ford is a good car, it's simple and almost undestructible. My carro now has a new motor of an Wolga - and it runs like hell."

1948 was the last year of the "Fat Fender Fords", which were essentially introduced already in 1937 and heavily facelifted for 1941. Although reliable, the car's underpinnings were already outdated, due to Henry Ford's resistance to any changes that were not absolutely necessary. But help was on the way for 1949, when Ford introduced the new lineup, which proved to be an tremendous success.

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