Wednesday, April 1, 2009

1957 Ford Fairlane 500 Town Sedan

"This heavier, road-hugging four-door sedan presents every luxury, every convenience that one associates with the finest town cars. Its thrillingly low silhouette and dramatic 'hardtop' styling are acheived with complete practicality . . . allow easy entry and graceful exit. In fact, the sleek new body with its typically Fairlane 'sculptured' look is practical through and though."

The 1957 Fords came with a multitude of bodystyles, all well balanced to suit every demand, and to lure the customer into buying the better version. Hardtops were all the rage in the mid-50s, and with the Fairlane Town Sedan, Ford delivered.

Compared with the Custom 300 base sedan, the thinner window frames made the Town Sedan look airier, but still it was just not quite a real hardtop. If you wanted to have a real one, then the expensive Fairlane Town Victoria would be your choice.

But hardtop or not, the owner of this Ford Fairlane sure doesn't care about these differences, as long as he is one of the lucky few that own a car at all...

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