Friday, August 3, 2012

1959 Dodge Custom Royal Lancer 4-Door

"Behold the Look Of Luxury!"

Unlike its canadian counterpart, this Detroit-born Dodge Custom Royal Lancer 4-Door sports, for the last year, the long tailfins that were a Dodge trademark in the late-50s before they became toned down at the dawn of the new decade. Their "Jet-Trail Tail Lamps" and the nicely integrated turn signal lights make for an even more extreme look of an already extreme looking design. This was garish space-age styling at it's best! And Dodge's catalog poetry followed suit: "New things, great things, reward you in this '59 Dodge. Seats swing out to invite you in. New HC-HE engines - high compression, high economy - whisper their promise of eager performance at substantial savings. Orderly rows of buttons on a gleaming panel welcome you to the first all-push button car with fingertip control of driving and weather. New Level-Flite Torsion-Aire introduces you to three-dimensional comfort - ride control, road control, load control - that keeps you on an even keel at all times. Outside mirrors adjust from the inside. Inside mirrors adjust themselves electronically to banish glare. Even a new Lustre-Bond baked enamel finish, mirror smooth and doubly durable. All this is great. But the final reward is the greatness built into this '59 Dodge. It is deep down, through and through, and thoroughly satisfying."

Cuba is perhaps the only country in the world where numerous export and domestic versions of the same models happily share the road. Florida was close, and importing your own car was easy. Although not being officially sold by cuban dealerships, many "original" Dodges from Detroit found their way to the island by ferry.

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