Saturday, July 4, 2009

1958 Dodge Coronet Lancer 4-door hardtop

"Only rarely does a new car appear on the scene so brillantly designed that it has no counterpart. The Swept-Wing 58 by Dodge is such a car. It is a car of noble proportions - clean of line, daring in sweep, low in silhouette - beautifully simple in every detail."

Don't let these "CRYSLER"-letters fool you: this car is a 1958 Dodge Coronet. Dodge called the 4-door hardtop-versions Lancer, and their lowered roofline contributed to emphasize the stretched and low appearance of the car. Introduced for 1957, the long and low "Swept-Wing" Dodge was a instant hit. But he hype lasted just one year: already in 1958 sales went down massively, due to the unexpected economic crisis that hit all car-makers in the U.S. hard.

Anyway, the advertisement kept on promising: "A most unusual new car is now enjoying enthusiastic reception all over America. It is very low, very daring, beautifully proportioned. Designated 'Swept-Wing 58', the car is the successor to the 1957 Swept-Wing Dodge which launched a 'buying revolution' against the high, boxy design carried over by other cars in the field. In swept-Wing 58, owners will have the most advanced 1958 car on the road in style, ride and true greatness of handling."

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