Wednesday, October 12, 2011

1956 Dodge Custom Royal Lancer

"The look of success! The feel of success! The power of success! They come to you in a dramatically beautiful, dynamically powered new Dodge that introduces the ease and safety of push-button driving — the Magic Touch of Tomorrow! It is truly a great value."

The Dodge Custom Royal Lancer was another addition to Chrysler's stunning lineup for 1955, when all Chrysler divisions shifted their focus to fast and elegant driving machines. Positioned between Plymouth at the lower and De Soto at the more pricey end, and styled under Virgil Exners administration, the Dodges featured a fairly baroque style, sporting more chrome but less refined proportions than the Chryslers or Plymouths. For 1956, while the frontend didn't change much, the tailfins of the "Value Leader of the Forward Look" became bigger, just like on it's siblings from Chrysler and Plymouth.

Designers of all Chrysler divisions had already finished the models for 1957, which should become masterpieces of Virgil Exner's "Forward Look" vision. However, the advertisement pulled out all the stops to sell the actual model: "Your own eyes will tell you: Here is no stripped-down 'price special' . . . but a truly fine BIG CAR that is actually larger and more luxurious than cars costing up to a thousand dollars more! And of course . . . it takes the measure of small cars in the 'low price field' on every point of value: Size! Beauty! Style! Power! Roominess! Comfort!"

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