Monday, February 15, 2010

1955 DeSoto Fireflite Convertible

"Drive a DeSoto before you decide"

With it's grinning nine-toothed front grille, the DeSoto Fireflite is arguably the most striking car in Chryslers "new-for-1955" lineup. Chrysler had invested a whopping $200 Million into the total renovation of it's aging fleet. This investment was necessary, and it paid off: all Chrysler brands were rewarded with record sales, and DeSoto had its best year since 1946. DeSotos were en vogue, and they delivered: powerful and elegant, DeSoto's Fireflite hardtops were offered even with a three-tone paint job. Despite the overall good sales, the convertibles remained exclusive in DeSoto's lineup: just 775 DeSoto Fireflite convertibles produced in 1955 make our pictured car an extremely rare sight, here and outside of Cuba.

Here's what the advertisement had to say about the new DeSoto: "There is no word in the English language that quite describes the utter satisfaction, the thrill, the delightful ease of driving a DeSoto. Here is a car that translates your wishes into action almost with the speed of thought itself. There is an eager, natural response that is quite different from anything you're likely to find in other cars."

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