Tuesday, October 26, 2010

1956 Chrysler New Yorker Six Passenger Sedan

"'PowerStyle' . . . this is how power looks! When the style of tomorrow is combined with the most advanced aircraft-type automotive engine, the result – 'PowerStyle' . . . portrays how power really looks! The 1956 Chrysler, from massive outrigger front bumper to dramatic flight-swept rear fender, is now more than ever before, America's most smartly different car!

The Windsor, New Yorker, and the now famous '300' offer the finest engineering . . . with new, more powerful engines, the new Pushbutton Drive Selector, new PowerSmooth Power Brakes and a multitude of other advances including 4-door Newport Hardtop sedans. Yes, Chrysler in 1956 brings you 'PowerStyle' plus – the maximum in driving comfort and convenience."

Starting in the mid-50s, Chrysler had a good run with its design. Leapfrogging the competition in 1955 with the introduction of the elegant "100-Million-Dollar Look", Virgil Exner's stunning new design direction was an instant hit with the customers. 1956 was the time to fortify this position: tailfins were added and a new frontend (with a fine mesh on the New Yorker and a sportier three-bar design on the Windsor) brought the cars in tune with the times. But this was by far not the end of Chrysler's fortunate run. with the 1957 models, Chrysler should finally snatch the crown of styling leadership from GM.

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