Sunday, March 15, 2009

1956 Chrysler Windsor 4-door Sedan

"When the style of tomorrow is combined with the most advanced aircraft-type automotive engine, the result - 'PowerStyle' - portrays how power really looks! The 1956 Chrysler, from massive outrigger front bumper to dramatic flight-swept rear fender, is now more than ever before, America's most smartly different car!"

Just one year after Chrysler had introduced the "100-Million-Dollar Look", Virgil Exner and his team took the Chrysler-Style to the next level. With a revised front grille and higher tailfins, the new Chrysler looked rather 60s than 50s.

Compared to the 1955 Chryslers on which the design was based, this beautiful example from Cienfuegos clearly shows the elegant lines that outshined the GM- and Ford competition and established Chryslers styling-dominance towards the end of the 50s.

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