Thursday, October 7, 2010

1956 Chevrolet Bel Air 4-door Sedan

"They're here – and even hotter! That's the word on the new '56 Chevrolets. They offer new higher horsepower – ranging up to a top of 205! This is the car, you know, that smashed the Pikes Peak record! That's proof of the kind of performance that puts more safety and fun in your driving. And look a that sassy new Motoramic styling – the lower, longer hood, the bold new front-end and sweeping chrome. See the new flaired fender openings and high-fashion taillights. (The left-side taillight hides the gas cap!) Those are the facts – but the fun's behind the wheel! So, why wait?"

We've seen quite a few beautifully restored Chevrolets on cuban roads recently, most of them from the generation of 1955 through 1957. Some even sport similar paint jobs, and therefore we reckon, that this is the work of a clandestine workshop somewhere on the island which has specialized on restoring Chevrolets from this generation. Keep on reading our blog, for we will let you know when we have found it...

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yohan said...

hola santiaguero tu carro te kedo bonito y tambien te admiro por el trabajo k se pasa en cuba para restaurar un carro