Friday, June 25, 2010

1955 Pontiac Star Chief 4-door Sedan

"Modern-beyond-tomorrow STAR CHIEF CUSTOM SEDAN . . . the most luxurious, most beautiful member of the 1955 Pontiac line. No finer car and no finer downright value has ever been built to sell at such a modest price. Two-tone Firegold – White Mist (shown), solid Firegold, two-tone Turquoise Blue – White Mist or solid Turquoise Blue . . . colors available on this model. Nylon-faced fabrics and genuine leather combination interiors are beyound comparison."

"More Style, More Power, And a Built-in Future!", promised the advertisement with the release of the 1955 Pontiac. Compared to the Chevrolet Bel Air, the 1955 Pontiac shows very similar proportions, because as usual, both cars shared many parts of GMs new-for-1955 "A-body"-structure. Under the hood though, the new Pontiacs had much more punch than the Chevy, particularly the top model Star Chief with it's "Strato-Streak" V-8 engine. As one of the first projects under Semon E. Knudsen's new management the declared goal was to shift Pontiac's image towards more "sportiness". The rather conservative styling of this generation couldn't really keep pace with the powerful new engines, but already the next generations of Pontiacs should visualize their internal "values", too.

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