Thursday, March 18, 2010

1958 Pontiac Star Chief Custom 4-door Sedan

"When you've decided that your next car is going to be 'something really special' . . . it's time to try motoring Star Chief Style. For it's here that you discover new jewel-tone colors, reserved exclusively for Star Chief and Bonneville owners . . . special styling touches in side and rear chromework . . . and custom wheel covers . . . all standard equipment in this series."

If racing-stripes would have been en vogue in the 50s, we're sure that this Pontiac Star Chief would have had them as standard equipment, too. And they wouldn't be inappropriate at all, because 1958 Pontiacs used to be quick cars. Pontiac's Star Chief was the powerful glamour model in the lineup, just to be topped by the Bonneville, which had become a regular series in this year.

From all of GMs chrome monsters for 1958, Pontiacs sported arguably the most restrained and tasteful styling. While until 1957, the styling didn't quite express Pontiac's new-found performance image, the bold styling of the 1958 models made clear that Bunky Knudsen's masterplan to renew Pontiac's brand image towards sportiness had made a big advance. Still, with the redesign for 1959, the best was yet to come...

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