Tuesday, June 15, 2010

1954 Buick Special 4-door Sedan

"If tomorrow is in your thinking – if bold new styling stimulates your senses – if the fashion of true modernity is important in your motoring – you belong in a Buick."

In 1954, Buick presented a new generation of cars, which in best GM fashion were longer and lower than their predecessors, following the perpetual mantra of Harley Earl's design philosophy. News like a wrap-around windshield and modest tailfins kept the Buicks at the forefront of automotive styling, and the customers honored this: by the end of 1954, Buick had produced 444.609 cars and owned the third place in the industry's ranking, only surpassed by Chevrolet and Ford, the undisputed mass production leaders. Especially the Special had become one of Americas most popular cars, with more than 191.000 built in this year.

Hence on cuban roads, 1954 Buicks are a very common sight, although not all of them are in such a good condition as our pictured car.

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