Wednesday, January 13, 2010

1954 Buick Super

"Each day you drive is a new adventure"

This slogan of a classic Buick ad from 1954 couldn't fit better to this Buick Super, which receives a major maintenance in the streets of sunny Sancti Spiritus.

"El cubano inventa" is a common saying on the island, and it's especially true for the creative heads who keep the old relics of another era up and running. Half a century was enough time to morph this Buick into a true Cuban Car: the car's sheetmetal just roughly kept its original shape and the once flashy grille and headlamp pods are gone and replaced by more "pragmatic" solutions. Luckily the hood of a 1955 model blends perfectly into the 1954 bodywork, and just the broken lines of the grille-opening reveal the mismatch...

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