Thursday, May 6, 2010

1955 Imperial 4-Door Sedan

"The wheel of this magnificent motor car puts a magic new world at your fingertips . . . a world of excitement, prestige and deep personal fulfillment. The Imperial is all that its regal name implies. Nineteen feet of incomparable new style and graceful sweep of outward distinction . . . with interior appointments of such splendor that they give the word 'quality' a new and richer meaning. Naturally, the world's most powerful engine design is found in the Imperial, and the smoothest, most automatic of all transmissions. Yes, the world is yours in the magnificent Imperial . . . every mile of it."

The "Imperial", being the top trim level in Chrysler's lineup from 1928 through 1954, became an own brand with the introduction of the 1955 models. Obviously, Chrysler's top management didn't want to leave the luxury car market alone to GM's Cadillac, or Ford's Lincoln division, knowing that the Chrysler name alone wouldn't attract the customers in this market. Chrysler Imperials were now called Imperial by Chrysler, a very subtle difference.

Technically, the new Imperials were based on the "Forward Look" Chrysler body, but adorned with a distinctive front end and light pods hovering above the rear fenders. These light pods should become a trademark of Imperials in the next years.

With its well-proportioned styling and an impeccable build-quality, the 1955 Imperial was perhaps Chrylser's greatest car. That this once aristocratic automobile today has to serve as a Taxi just like any other car, is certainly an interesting side effect of half a century of Socialism in Cuba.

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