Wednesday, July 29, 2009

1959 Imperial Le Baron 4-door Southampton

"Here you see the nation's new measurement for excellence in motoring . . . the Imperial Le Baron. No luxury is unimportant for this magnificient motorcar. For example, the flawless finish of this Imperial is impervious to weather, road film and time. Even the pastels are super-enamels and will not fade. The restrained chrome accents are especially plated to stay bright and new far longer than the bright work on other cars."

It's amazing how the catalog-poetry can happen to become reality, as you can see in the case of this beautiful Imperial from 1959. Distinguished by the Le Baron-only medallion at the lower rear fender, and already missing some other chrome parts, this car still has an awesome road-presence. Imperial's marketing division, of course, knew what was the reason: "Be prepared for a clean break with the past when you inspect Imperial for 1959. For in all of this fine car's fresh loveliness, there isn't a trace of ponderous bulk or excessive chrome contortion that weighs so heavily on tradition-bound cars."

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