Sunday, March 14, 2010

1956 Ford Fairlane Town Sedan

"For 1956, Ford announces the first major contribution to passenger and driver protection in accidents: New Lifeguard Design! It is the end result of more than two years of research by Ford in co-operation with universities, medical associations, and safety experts. It is designed to give you added protection in the areas where the majority of serious accident injuries occur.

You get this Lifeguard protection in a car unmatched for beauty . . . with styling inspired by the Ford Thunderbird. What's more, Ford brings you the sheer delight of commanding the new 202-h.p. Thunderbird Y-8 engine* – a new smooth-running, Go-packed, deep-block engine that will put fresh enthusiasm into all your driving."

With the 1955 models, Ford had created a winner, even when it couldn't push Chevrolet from the throne of being "U.S.A. 1". In best Ford tradition, the 1956 lineup received only minor styling changes on the outside, such as new designed parking light pods in the front grille and distinct rear light lenses, and while the overall look virtually remained the same, under the hood, several refinements kept the Ford up-to-date.

To keep the customers thrilled, Ford was running an extensive advertisement campaign, focusing on the new "Lifeguard Design" : "double-grip" door latches, a "deep-center" dished steering wheel, safety-designed door and window handles and further recessed instruments in a new designed dashboard should give the impression that the 1956 Ford was the safest car on the road. Customers could even order a "Safety Package" which included seat-belts and a padded dashboard. But marketing studies soon showed, that this safety campaign rather turned customers off from buying a Ford, and thus missed the point.

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