Thursday, February 19, 2009

1956 Ford Fairlane Fordor Sedan

"Call out the reserves with a touch of your toe! Ford gives you up to 225 horsepower for instant GO when instants count!"

The modest speeds on cuban roads don't exactly require powerful V8 engines, and pure necessity made most of the original engines already disappear from their Cuban Classics, being replaced by more economic engines of all kind. This Ford Fairlane on its way to Santa Clara in central Cuba is no exception.

Ford already worked on the all-new generation for 1957 (following in the background) and for 1956 a minor facelift of the current lineup had to be enough to keep the customers satisfied. Front grille and sidespear-decoration were modified, while the rest remained essentially the same construction, which concluded an extraordinary long 5-year lifecycle.

Still, with excellent handling and solid engineering, the Fords had much to offer, but undoubtedly the flashy Chevrolets were leading the competition in terms of styling.

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