Saturday, July 25, 2009

1952 Oldsmobile Super 88

"You've got to drive it to believe it! Never before has Oldsmobile had such an exciting performance story to tell! For here is a new kind of 'Rocket' Engine car- dramatically new with the flashing 160-h.p. 'Rocket' . . . now paired with smooth new Hydra-Matic Super Drive*! The result is performace that truly stands out even in this era of high-powered motor cars!"

Oldsmobile and Pontiac, the two most conservative divisions in the GM-Portfolio, both managed to break out of the ordinary with powerful performance models. While Pontiac made it's transition at the end-50s, Oldsmobile had it's bright moment already with the introduction of the famous "Rocket"-engine in 1949. This modern V8, one of the first with hanging valves, gave the Oldsmobiles musclecar-like characteristics, when nobody thought of muscle cars yet. Considered as "conservative" before, now Oldsmobile's brand image swiftly changed to become one of GM's performance-brands.

New-for-1950, and since 1951 only with the new V8 engines available, the cars remained virtually similar in 1952, only discernible by the vertical chrome trim piece in the front fender. The customers were eager to get the new power cars, but the korean war significantly limited the production output.

Oddly enough, Oldsmobile's styling direction didn't change much throughout the 50s. Oldsmobiles always showed classic and elegant lines and a solid appearance which wasn't really a match for the performace of the "Rocket"-engine.

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