Saturday, June 20, 2009

1955 Mercury Monterey 4-door Sedan

"For 1955, Mercury presents the exciting new style and spirited performance which will set the new trend in cars for years to come. From its dramatically low silhouette and Full-Scope windshield to the tread of its new tubeless tires, this car is spectacularly new in each line, contour, and detail - the result of a dynamic new kind of thinking in American automotive design."

In 1955, Mercury dealers must have had a big smile on their faces, as customers invaded the showrooms to get the "new-for-1955" models. Sales soared by 27% to 330.000 cars, the best result in years to come. But then, 1955 was a good year for almost every car dealer in the U.S., anyway...

Much as its technical sibling from Ford, the new Mercury was merely a heavily facelifted version of the tried-and-trusted body of the 1952-1954 models, but the distinctive styling set Mercury apart from its competition. Especially the edgy front made the car appear very modern. The recessed headlights, for example, were featured at the 1955 Lincoln Futura showcar, too, which a decade later should be reincarnated as the first Batmobile.

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