Sunday, March 1, 2009

1952 Mercury Custom Sport Coupe

"You're years ahead with Forerunner styling! From Jet-scoop hood to graceful rear deck - daring, sweeping lines prove it's new through and through. And remember: Mercury's years-ahead design puts you real money ahead at trade-time - if you can ever bear to part with it!"

We bet that the owner of this 1952 Mercury would immediately part with it, if he just could. But government restrictions prevent people from buying and owning new cars since decades, and designate the cuban automotive landscape to be a running museum.

Mercury, the upscale Ford brand, was part of the Lincoln-Mercury division since 1947. From 1949 on, the cars shared the bodyshell with Ford, but looked like Lincolns, although being in a different price-league. The Custom Sport Coupe, Bodystyle M60E (pictured here) was Mercury's answer to the wildly successful "hardtop-convertibles", which were offered by GM since 1949.

As the only all-new lineup of the "Big Three" for 1952, the Mercurys could easily have outselled their competition, but shortage of raw materials caused by the Korean war limited Detroit's output for 1952, and made Mercury finish just at 8th place in the annual production statistics.

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