Monday, June 29, 2009

1952 Plymouth Cranbrook

"You have the right to ask: 'What do these Plymouth features do for me?' When you look for features in a new car, be sure to find out what these features will do for you. For the total value of a car is the sum of the benefits provided by its features. Your Plymouth dealer will be glad to give you the complete Plymouth value story."

We wrote about the so-called "Plodges", Plymouth cars made in Canada to be sold as Dodges or De Sotos for foreign markets. This Plymouth from Cienfuegos, instead, wears a Dodge frontend, but with full 1952 Plymouth adornment. Back then, Chrysler produced quite a few shuffled versions of their cars in small numbers for export markets, and even set up its own car assembly plant in Havana in 1954. We guess this Plymouth is either one of these cross-breeds, or a very well-done repair job.

Established in 1928 as the price-leader in Chrysler's brand-universe, Plymouth somehow always was the unloved daughter. Sold through Dodge, Chrysler and De Soto dealers equally, it was welcome to help raise sales in difficult years, namely the great depression in the 30s, but pushed aside as soon as the pricier cars sold well again. Despite this handicap, Plymouth managed to be America's number three from 1931 through 1954.

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