Saturday, June 27, 2009

1952 Cadillac Sixty-Two

"As you would expect, there is excellent reason why so many of the world's distinguished motorists have found a common meeting-ground in Cadillac. It is because they demand superlative things from their motor cars. They demand great beauty, great performance and great distinction ... and they have come to Cadillac as naturally and inevitably as the night follows the day."

We really like the advertising-poetry of the 50s, which often was even flashier than the cars it should promote. Take this quite beaten-up "Golden Anniversary" Cadillac from 1952, pictured here: introduced for 1950, this generation of Cadillacs remained virtually unchanged through 1953. Cadillac wisely opted for just slight touch-ups in every model year, so as to build and secure it's reputation as America's dominant prestigeous brand.

The advertising skilfully underlined Cadillac's aristocratic image: "If you hope, sometime, to find in your motor car what these many distinguished motorists have found - come see us. One look and one ride - and you will know there has never been a more wonderful year for adding your own name to the 'who's who' of the highway!" Who could resist to such a temptation?

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