Thursday, February 5, 2009

1953 Cadillac Sixty-Two

"It is obvious, for instance, that a Cadillac's beauty and stature are little dimmed by the miles and the years. Its performance, as owners can testify, is a constant joy troughout the car's life span. And its luxury and dependability and economy continue over almost any period of time its owner may elect to enjoy them . . ."

Classic Cadillac-values come to light when you just wait long enough: after more than 50 years, this Cadillac still impresses with it's majestic style. Built in the year of Cadillacs 50th anniversary, and originally rigged with a golden V-symbol on the hood, the last itineration of the 1948 bodystyle was modified ever so slightly to keep customers interested and Cadillac's styling consistent at the same time. More fundamental news such as the panoramic windscreen were already in the works for the 1954 overhaul.

Blue-taped headlights are the cuban version of Xenon-lights. They used to be very popular here, as they give a nice cold blue shine at night.

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