Thursday, April 9, 2009

1941 Chevrolet Special Deluxe Sport Sedan

"Consider Chevrolet's quality features - consider its great economy of operation and upkeep - and you, too, will choose Chevrolet. ...Eye it, try it, buy it - today!"

Sensational architecture meets sensational automotive design: the Teatro Nacional de Cuba in Havana is a perfect background for this Special DeLuxe Sport Sedan, the most popular of Chevrolet's 1941 models.

Created by Harley Earl's "Art and Colour Section", the 1941 Chevrolets looked bombastic. Although substantially bigger than their predecessors, at first glance not much had changed: the headlights were now integrated into the front fenders, running boards between the fenders disappeared, and grille and brightwork had been refined and now closely resembled the expensive Buick.

The trick was, how tasteful Chevrolet's designers had re-shuffled the ingredients to let the design appear very fresh. This, and a heavily revised engine, called the "Victory Six", stimulated the customer's interest in Chevrolet, caused a sales boom, and laid the foundation for Chevrolet's post-war success.

Cuba's roads are populated by many post-war cars, but a pre-war Chevrolet is a rather rare sight here, especially if it still has the complete chrome-trim, like this one in Havana.

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